2021 Reel

A selection of some of my motion work. Majority will be student work my role was designer and animator for each project shown.

Motion Design Philosophy

My motion design philosophy is that storytelling can be accomplished with a single frame and enhanced with motion. With that my process places a heavy focus on the creation of style frames and then using the tools and techniques available to me to make the story work in motion.

Technical Skills

The main story for me is that I work between a few different programs depending on the project.

For 2D I like to use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Affinity Designer for ipad for design and visual development. 

For animation I use Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate, and Premiere ProI also utilize the following plugins in my workflow; Overlord, Motion V3, AEUX, Anubis, Flow,  joysticks and sliders. 

For my 3D work I use Cinema 4D, Blender, and Nomad Sculpt. I also heavily utilize the X-Particles plugin for Cinema 4D, as well as Hard-Ops for Blender. 

For 3D rendering I generally work in Octane Renderer, Cycles Renderer, or Eevee Realtime Renderer, but have used Redshift on occasion.

For UI animation I like to design and build in Figma first then use AEUX to send to after effects or just prototype and record in a prototyping program like Protopie.

For storyboarding I generally go analog with some paper and a mechanical pencil.